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The role of silicon carbide in three major fields

Silicon carbide is now mainly from artificial synthesis, silicon carbide has many uses, the industry span is large, can be used for monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, potassium arsenide, quartz crystal, solar photovoltaic industry, semiconductor industry, piezoelectric crystal industry engineering processing materials.
Applications in the field of semiconductor
SiC one-dimensional nanomaterials have more properties and wide application prospects because of their microstructure and crystal structure.
The third generation of semiconductor materials is wide band gap semiconductor materials, also known as high temperature semiconductor materials, mainly including silicon carbide, gallium nitride, aluminum nitride, zinc oxide, diamond and so on. This kind of material has the characteristics of wide band gap (band gap is greater than 2.2eV), high thermal conductivity, high breakdown electric field, high radiation resistance, high electron saturation rate and so on. It is suitable for the manufacture of high temperature, high frequency, radiation resistance and high power devices. The third generation semiconductor materials with their excellent properties, the future application prospects are very broad.
Applications in the field of photovoltaic
The photovoltaic inverter plays a very important role in photovoltaic power generation. It not only has the direct AC conversion function, but also has the function of maximizing the performance of solar cells and system fault protection function. It can be summed up as automatic operation and shutdown function, high-power tracking control function, anti-independent operation function (for grid-connected system), automatic voltage adjustment function (for grid-connected system), DC detection function (for grid-connected system), DC grounding detection function (for grid-connected system), etc.
Silicon carbide into silicon carbide fiber, silicon carbide fiber is mainly used as high temperature resistant materials and reinforcement materials, high temperature resistant materials including heat shielding materials, high temperature conveyor belt, filter high temperature gas or molten metal filter cloth, etc. When used as reinforcement material, it is often combined with carbon fiber or glass fiber to strengthen metals (such as aluminum) and ceramics, such as brake pads, engine blades, landing gear boxes and fuselage structure materials for jet aircraft, but also can be used as sporting goods, and its cut fiber can be used as high-temperature furnace materials.
A large amount of silicon carbide coarse material can be supplied, but the application of nanoscale silicon carbide powder with high technical content cannot form economies of scale in a short time. The silicon carbide wafer is still in the initial stage in China, the silicon carbide wafer is less used in China, and the development of the silicon carbide material industry lacks the support of downstream application enterprises. Carry out close cooperation on personnel training and technology research and development; Strengthen the communication between enterprises, especially to actively participate in international exchange activities, improve the development level of enterprises; Pay attention to the enterprise brand construction, and strive to build the fist products of the enterprise.
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