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The application of welding robot

Welding robot Welding robot can weld pipe, so when welding, should pay attention to what aspects? Welding industrial robots are now used in a wide range of applications, not only in the automotive industry, large fence welding, etc., but also in pipeline welding.
Welding industrial robot manipulator, fences or other small workpiece welding process is relatively simple, no welding pipe, complex technology, at the time of welding pipe, due to the particularity of pipeline, have radian, in welding, arc welding, especially pay attention to the space curve welding, the welding robot of freedom and flexibility requirements. At present, manual welding of pipelines is normal. However, due to the efficiency and cost of manual welding, the welding period is long and so on, many enterprises have begun to try to use robot welding. Automatic or semi-automatic welding is usually performed by welding seam tracking or mechanical profiling, or by robot teaching Settings. Weld tracking technology, welding spot detection can be very good to increase the welding effect, to ensure the quality of welding work.
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