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Welding robot cooling means what

What are the cooling methods of welding robot? Typically, when a welding robot performs a welding operation, the temperature of the weld pool is related to many factors, including electrode Angle, welding time, electrode diameter, welding method and other factors. Therefore, once the molten pool temperature is found to be too high, it needs to be inspected. Today, we follow Xiaobian to see what are the cooling means and hardware control of welding robot?
In the welding process of the welding robot, when the Angle between the electrode and the welding direction is 90 degrees, the arc concentrates and the temperature of the molten pool rises. When the Angle is small, the arc disperses and the pool temperature decreases. For example, when conducting a 12mm flat weld to seal the bottom layer, the Angle of the electrode should be controlled at 50-70 degrees to reduce the temperature of the weld pool and to avoid bulging or backside elevation during welding.
At the same time, attention should be paid to strictly control the arc burning time of welding robot system. The frequency of arc interruption and arc combustion time directly affect the temperature of molten pool. Due to the thin wall of the tube, the ability to withstand arc heat is limited. If the arc interruption frequency is slowed down to reduce the pool temperature, it is easy to produce shrinkage cavity, so the arc combustion time can only be used to control the temperature of the pool to avoid super-high welds or weld tubes inside.
In addition, the welding robot is required to select the welding current and electrode diameter according to the welding space position and welding level. The welding current and electrode diameter selected at the beginning of welding are larger and the vertical and horizontal positions are smaller. Only in this way can the temperature of the bath be more easily controlled and the weld formed.
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