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The reason why silencers are widely used

If you have ever been in a textile factory, you can probably understand that in the workshop without silencers, you feel not only noisy but also hot environment. In this case, in fact, the working environment is not very good for the employees, the important reason is that the noise of the machinery is too large, which makes it very difficult to communicate. Now most of the textile mills such as the use of steam machinery factories have begun to choose the muffler, mainly because it will greatly reduce the noise, this kind of muffler is widely used for the following reasons.
1. The state has restrictions on noise requirements
Whether it is in the workplace or in some casual places, there is a limit to the amount of volume people require. In addition, there are many noises in the working area, and the state has relevant regulations, so it is very necessary to use silencers.
2. Steam emission noise needs to be silenced
In a steam machinery plant, you will find that the sound makes people feel like a lot of pressure cookers around, so you need to properly deal with the noise of steam emission.
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